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Peak Life Holistics is an elite Health Optimization & Wellness Center, located in Somers, New York. Our mission is to help guide as many people as possible to improve their lives with holistic lifestyle solutions and innovative healing technologies. We believe that healing starts with cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Our technologies help amplify your success. Start living your Peak Life!

Our Wellness Technologies

  • Neuroptimal Neurofeedback at Peak Life Holistics


    Neurofeedback Brain Training helps improve sleep, anxiety, unwanted habits, concentration, and brain function, release unhealthy patterns, and improve quality of life.

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  • Zyto EVOX Biofeedback at Peak Life Holistics

    Zyto EVOX Biofeedback

    Zyto EVOX uses Biofeedback technology to identify and shift unwanted emotional patterns from traumatic events, stress, poor programming, and ancestral patterns. 

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  • Infrared Sauna at Peak Life Holistics

    Infrared + Ozone Saunas

    Enjoy a deeply restorative and relaxing detoxification, improve circulation and metabolism, pain relief, and all over skin rejuvenation. Add Ozone to supercharge Oxygen healing.

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    Acoustic Sound Frequencies restore the resonance of cellular and bodily functioning for optimal health and wellbeing. Powerful sound waves heal inflammation and pain, enhance sleep, improve longevity and wellbeing.

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  • Red Light Therapy Bed

    Red Light Therapy Bed

    Our unique 'Red Light Therapy Bed' combines Red Light, PEMF, and Sound vibrations to boost overall well-being and cellular function, reduce pain and inflammation.

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  • Exercise with Oxygen training at Peak Life Holistics

    Exercise with Oxygen Training

    Exercise with Oxygen helps to supercharge athletic performance, heal lung and brain function, improve energy and immunity, and boost overall wellbeing.

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  • QRS PEMF Therapy at Peak Life Holistics

    PEMF Therapies

    PEMF helps reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation and healing, strengthen bone density, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance immune function

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  • Ionic Footbath Detox at Peak Life Holistics

    Detox Ionic Footbaths

    Enjoy a full body detoxification with a relaxing Ionic Footbath session. Negative hydrogen ions balance and alkalize the body while drawing out toxins.

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  • Vibration Platform Training

    Vibration Platform Training

    Vibration training uses high frequency vibration increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the body, improving strength, flexibility, balance, and stability.

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People Are Talking About Us

  • 5 stars

    Kristen H.

    ''Peak Life has been an important part of my health journey the past year. The treatments have helped boost my Immunity, Increase my energy and reduce inflammation after years struggling with chronic health concerns and Lyme. The facility is clean and comfortable and has the best state of the art technology. Greg is easy to work with & listens to all of your health concerns and helps map the best course of treatments for you. I highly recommend Peak for all things wellness!''

  • 5 stars reviews Peak Life Holistics

    Tom M.

    ''WOW... I just finished my fifth session at Peak Life Holistics and I feel like a different person than I did two weeks ago in the most fantastic way. I've felt positive effects from using the Biofeedback Frequencies, red-light therapy, oxygen-training, the footbath detox, infrared sauna and my personal favorite, the Neurofeedback System. I didn't know what to expect, but it really has been an absolute game changer for me! My energy levels have gone up, my anxiousness has gone down, my sleep has improved, I feel more muscle recruitment and activation and really just a better sense of well-being all around. I am eternally grateful. I look forward to going back to Peak Life Holistics next week!''

  • 5 stars reviews Peak Life Holistics

    Ellie P.

    ''We had excellent results with Neurofeedback for our child. His anxiety and long time panic attacks have altogether stopped after only a handful of sessions! His mood has shifted as well - he is lighter and happier. We are thrilled and cannot speak highly enough about our experience. Greg was extremely helpful and is a powerhouse of biohacking and holistic knowledge. This place is the future of wellness and it’s amazing!!''

  • 5 stars reviews Peak Life Holistics

    Barbara S.

    ''Before meeting Greg, I was schedule to go for knee surgery. Working with him doing Red Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy. Neurofeedback, and using the sauna, I was able to reduce the pain in my knee preventing me from having a total knee replacement. Greg is a humble man with so much knowledge on health and healing. He prides himself on helping others. Three other people I know have also benefited from his help. ''

  • 5 stars reviews Peak Life Holistics

    Susan C.

    ''I have seen Greg twice and each time I have experienced positive results. Specifically, he is treating me for depression and I have been feeling better. I feel that he is sincere in his approach and he looks for other ways of helping me with the modalities he has in his center. He is the real deal!!''

  • 5 stars Holistic Healing & Wellness Somers, NY | Peak Life Holistics

    Christina P.

    ''Greg was wonderful to work with. Knowledgeable and helpful even recommending helpful things he doesn’t benefit from monetarily. Truly interested in helping people reach peak health. I will visit again.''

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