Zyto EVOX Biofeedback helps you shift unwanted emotional issues

EVOX Biofeedback for Emotional Reframing


Let go of emotional patterns and traumas that are holding you back.

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What is Zyto EVOX Biofeedback?

At Peak Life Holistics, we offer Zyto EVOX Biofeedback which uses vocalization and biofeedback technologies to help individuals identify and shift unwanted emotional patterns. Traumatic experiences (big and small) often play a role in the root cause of many dis-functional issues, dis-eases, and illnesses. EVOX helps to address maladapted functioning stemming from traumatic events, stress, poor programming, and even inherited ancestral patterns. This technology offers a revolutionary leap to help identify and reframe emotional issues, imbalances and blocks. Help shed deep-seated baggage and live a lighter freer life. This effective tool can get to the root core of issues and help reframe them for you.

What happens during a session?

During an Evox Biofeedback session, the client is guided through a process of identifying a specific issue or emotion they want to work on. The client speaks about the issue while connected to a biofeedback handset device and microphone. The software measures changes in their voice patterns which reflect underlying emotional patterns and beliefs.

As the client speaks, the EVOX technology analyzes their voice and provides specific feedback frequencies which help to "reframe" or "shift" these patterns and beliefs. This process is designed to help the client release harmful emotions that are keeping the client stuck and help develop a more positive innate response to their issue.

Overall, EVOX sessions are intended to help individuals develop greater emotional awareness, release negative emotional patterns, and create positive changes in their lives.

We believe that emotional issues and traumas are often at the core of larger health concerns

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Zyto EVOX helps to reframe and release emotional issues and traumas

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