Cymatherapy uses Sound Frequecy to restore health and balance to the body and cellular structures.


AMI 850

The science of resonant Sound Therapy for cellular and bodily optimization and healing.

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The Science of Sound Therapy

Cymatherapy™ is the practice of applying acoustic stimulation (within the audible range) on biological systems. The harmonics used in the AMI-Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices were developed according to the resonant frequencies that match the natural harmonic laws of our biological life and planet.

The human body is an intricately structured biological system composed of cells that are constantly transmitting bio-electric currents, electromagnetic fields, their own frequencies and vibrations in an endless, cascading interaction of communication between all living things.

Cymatherapy delivers the precise commutations that have been measured to match the resonance of healthy tissue. This is achieved through the process of entrainment—the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into a phase that allows them to vibrate together in harmony. This can also bring about the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles of the cells and body structures.

The goal of Cymatherapy is to employ the biological laws and measured frequencies that restore the resonance of the cells and systems of the body bringing about a synchronization of the oscillating structures for optimal health.

Sessions are 30-60 minutes.

The AMI 850 has TWENTY HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CHANNELS for rejuvenation in all aspects of health. These fully researched protocols are contained in one advanced sound technology. This innovative device incorporates a groundbreaking "sound delivery system" that harnesses the power of Tourmaline and Germanium, two valuable elements found in nature. By integrating these gemstones and minerals into the device's foot pads, the healing potential is greatly amplified for all users.

The twenty available channels in the AMI 850 are designed to assist the body in addressing the root causes of various diseases while providing continuous support for the overall health of the body's major systems. Each channel lasts for 30 minutes and offers remarkable efficacy in reducing stress and pain. Moreover, these channels can be combined as needed to target specific health challenges or wellness objectives.

The Keys to Health channels within the AMI 850 have been specifically developed to bolster bodily functions by enhancing cellular communication, fostering emotional balance, promoting deeper sleep, improving nutritional intake, increasing metabolism, bolstering the immune system, and stimulating bone re-growth. Each channel within the AMI 850 is carefully crafted with precise frequency combinations to address specific health issues and facilitate the achievement of individual health goals.

Cellular and Bodily Rejuvenation

Sound Healing

Enjoy rejuvenation in all aspects of health with one advanced sound technology instrument!

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