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AMI 850 Cymatherapy

AMI 850 Cymatherapy

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The AMI 850 uses Cymatherapy or Sound Therapy to assist the body in addressing the underlying causes of disease, as well as offering ongoing support to the health of the body’s major systems. 30-60 minute (In person only) sessions are highly effective in reducing stress and pain and can be used in combination, when needed, for specific health challenges or wellness goals.

  • Applies sound through the portals of the feet utilizing the meridian pathways
  • Employs fully researched audible frequency programs for a focused approach to health
  • Utilizing two of Mother Nature’s precious, health-giving materials—tourmaline and germanium
  • Combines ancient principles, quantum physics and advanced sound technology
  • Delivers fast and phenomenal results with the evolution of Cyma Technologies patented sound discoveries
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