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Greg Ribaudo

Founder | Biohacker | Holistic Health Coach

Greg Ribaudo

Greg Ribaudo is a seasoned builder and contractor with over 25 years of experience in construction along with a lifetime passion for athletics, snowboarding, weightlifting, health and wellness. He is passionate about finding effective and natural ways to rehabilitate, reverse, and heal aches, pains, injuries, and health issues. He has dedicated himself to studying health and wellness and applying the same learning mindset and problem-solving skills he uses in construction, bringing a unique perspective to his views on health optimization.

Ribaudo's approach to health and wellness is holistic, and he views the body as an interconnected Bio-electrical and energetic system where all functions work together. His mentors include Paul and Angie Chek from the Chek Institute, Dr. Jerry Tennant, and Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt. He holds professional certifications in Physical Alignment and Postural Corrective Exercise, Holistic Health Coaching, Kinesiology, and Exercise with Oxygen Coaching.

As a biohacker and "Wellness Contractor," Ribaudo constantly seeks new knowledge and skills, testing and advancing his approach to better serve his clients. His unique approach combines holistic and integrative philosophies with biohacking technologies and a builder's mindset of figuring out how to make things work, to achieve optimal health and a PEAK life in the modern world.

Elise Perelman

Founder | Healer | Holistic Health Coach

Elise Perelman

Elise's foundational perspective of health was shaped by her mother who was a nutritionist in the 1970's, many decades ahead of her time. However life is about challenges and growth, and Elise is no stranger to facing her own healing journey. Not understanding or having the tools to deal with her highly sensitive, emotional and empathic nature, Elise developed an eating disorder as a young teenager as a coping mechanism for anxiety. Despite countless attempts over many years to heal her life, the disorder remained, taking on various phases and chapters. Elise gradually learned to heal herself through addressing the layers of suppressed emotions, honoring her body with diet, movement, and rest, and finding self acceptance and love within herself. Elise is also longtime Yogi and dancer, and enjoys many forms of creative expression. She is an accomplished jewelry designer, fine artist, and mother.

Elise is certified as a holistic health coach through the Chek Institute as well as a Reiki healer. She enjoys helping women of all ages who face similar issues, and brings a deep and nuanced understanding of the many layers and complexities of deep emotional issues, being a sensitive soul, and the journey to self love.

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