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Exercise with Oxygen at PEAK LIFE Holistics in Somers

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Saturate Your Lungs, Blood, and Brain With the Incredible Healing Benefits of Pure O2

Transform your health and fitness performance with Exercise with Oxygen Training, also known as 'EWOT.' Just 12-15 Minutes of an EWOT session will deliver the results of a 45 minute intense cardio workout. This short but incredibly powerful session will increase oxygen saturation, strength, endurance, energy, and mental clarity as well as trigger an anti-inflammatory response for days afterwards. Work smarter, not harder!

Exercise with Supplemental Oxygen at PEAK LIFE Holistics boosts oxygen to the lungs, blood, body and brain, cleansing and improving the body’s overall functioning

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What is Exercise with Oxygen Training(EWOT)?

At PEAK LIFE Holistics in Somers, we offer adaptive supplemental Oxygen training for peak fitness performance and overall health and healing.

Each guided session is 12-15 minutes long, and tailored to your fitness level, offering a recumbent bike or cross trainer paired with supplemental oxygen. The pure oxygen is cycled between 12-95% saturation, effectively pushing pure oxygen into the blood and vascular system with a similar but more powerful effect to a Hyperbaric Chamber. The increased oxygen supply improves countless chemical processes that occur in the body, boosting the body’s performance naturally.

Exercise with Oxygen Training at Peak Life Holistics oxygenates the lungs, blood, brain, and body.

The benefits of Exercise with Oxygen Training PEAK LIFE Holistics are:

  • Improves Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health
  • Reduces Inflammation and Pain
  • Faster Recovery after Workouts, Injuries and Illness
  • Increases Energy and Athletic Performance
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Better Vision and Mental Clarity
  • Cleanses the Lungs, Blood and Body
  • Heals Brain Concussion and Injury
  • Relieves Long Haul Covid Symptoms

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